Wednesday, August 31, 2011


      Staa wa movie za kibongo  ,Elizabeth  Michael,alikurupuka a kuudanganya umma kuwa TANGU AZALIWE AMEWAHI FANYA MAPENZI NA WANAUME WAWILI TU.
     Habari   hiyo ilizua utata kidogo hasa kwa WADAU ambao wana uhakika kabisa kuwa manzi huyo wamewahi mmliki.Pengine swali likabaki kuwa,,,,"JE KATI YA HUU MSAFARA WA MAMBA NA MIMI NIPO?"
       Kwa mujibu wa gazeti la IJUMAA,washika dau hawakusita kupiga sim na kutoboa donda ndugu ambalo lulu alitaka kulificha.Habari za kuaminika zinadai kuwa,Binti huyu maarufu wa kibongo na mcheza "MOVIE"   ana orodha isiyopungua wanaume KUMI.  Vinginevyo labda kama alimaanisha wale alionaswa nao  na kuandikwa katika magazeti mbalimbali!!!!!
       Idadi hiyo ya kusisimua inajumuisha   WANAMZIKI   4 WA BONGO FLEVA,MASTAA 5 WA MOVIE ZA KIBONGO NA VIGOGO 2


Harakati za kuutafuta ukweli toka kwa binti huyu mdogo kabisa kiumri (MIAKA 18)   zilikwama baada ya kupigiwa sim na kuporomosha mvua ya matusi

     Pamoja na umri wake kuwa mdogo,binti huyu amekuwa na tamaduni za MITEGO  hali inayowafanya wanaume   WASIMCHOKE.
.    Akiwa  na miaka 17 tu binti huyo alinukuliwa akisema  "KWA SASA MIMI SIYO WATOTO SHOO TENA,MIMI NI WAKUBWA SHOO".Wapekuzi tulifanya tafiti yetu ili kuona mtoto huyu anamaanisha nini? hii ni picha yake ya enzi zileeeeeeee!!!

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Justin Bieber Involved in Car Crash in L.A.


The Biebs had a bender … A fender bender that is. Justin Bieber, 17, was involved in a minor car crash in L.A. earlier today, so says TMZ, who were informed by the LAPD. It wasn’t even a crash as much as it was an “Ooops” moment.
Want the good news? No one was hurt. Not The Biebs. Not the driver of the other car. Not any pedestrians. So all the Beliebers need to put away the rosaries, since there is no need to pray novenas as the singer is fine and dandy.
Here’s what happened: A Honda collided with a posh-as-hell Ferrari being driven by Bieber. Maybe “collide” is too strong of a word, since sources say that the Honda merely “tapped” the Ferrari and there was no damage or exchange of insurance information.
However, The Biebs still called the cops, just to be on the safe side. The police assessed that there wasn’t enough damage to even file a report. There’s your tax dollars at work, Angelinos!
Oh, and about that Ferrari. Turns out that The Biebs doesn’t even own the vehicle. At least he’s not returning it all dented and dinged.
We’re glad to hear that The Biebs is safe, sound and was not injured in the fender bender.
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Lady Gaga Was Being a ‘Performance Artist’ as Jo Calderone at the 2011 VMAs


People are still buzzing about Lady Gaga‘s “stunt” at the 2011 MTV VMAs, where she stayed in character all night (on stage, in the crowd, when presenting Britney Spears with an award) as Jo Calderone, her chain-smoking, prosthetic-wearing, greased-hair male alter ego from the ‘You & I’ video. Some critics thought she took the shtick too far. Others loved it. MTV News spoke to Gaga’s creative director Laurieann Gibson beforehand, who was able to provide some insight about why Gaga refused to break character at the event.
“The idea of her being a performance artist — and it’s starting the performance on the red carpet and the idea that the performance never ends for her — is the first time I’ve experienced this with an artist,” Gibson explained. “I love it. That’s something that is specific to her, and the whole night was the performance, and it was important that Jo was a part of the whole night.”
Since Gaga was Jo Calderone from the carpet to the close of the show and even the VMA press room, Gibson chalked it up to the star’s brilliance when it comes to her art. “I hope that the monsters and the music industry [connect to] the idea that as long as you execute to the highest level of your ability, that you make a statement, that you push your creative ability to the max, and it doesn’t mean one thing or another,” she said.
While many of us where hoping to see Gaga in at least one head-turning, eyebrow-raising, over-the-top ensemble, her turn as Jo Calderone was impossible to look away from. Viewers were left to wonder what she would do next. Besides, there are plenty of events in her future where she can wear three-foot high platform heels.
Gibson wrapped up her assessment of Gaga’s handling of the spotlight, of fame and of fully embracing her art, saying, “It could mean standing under one spotlight. It could mean tons of camels and belly-dancing girls. I don’t know one is not necessarily better than the other. But it is about who’s the artist; it belongs to the artist, so in that one moment you have to take it and give all you can. And so I hope people take the fearlessness away [and] the creative notion that we constantly push boundaries, that we’re not followers.”
Gaga — we mean Jo Calderone — captured our attention all night long.
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Britney Spears’ Backup Dancers Stage Their Own Tribute to the Singer

Britney Spears' Backup Dancers Stage Own Tribute

Britney Spears received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, a moment which has inspired the pop star’s backup dancers to film their own tribute to the singer.
The 29-year-old’s Femme Fatale troupe recently posted a video of themselves in their homage to Brit, set to the sounds of Spears and Madonna‘s 2004 hit ‘Me Against the Music.’ According to the description, the dancers shot the “unplanned” footage in three hours and said the project was “a lot of fun.”

We can’t argue with that. The uber-fit dancers are shown emerging from cars, buses and various places, launching into super tight choreographed sets to honor the ‘I Wanna Go’ singer. There are individual shots of Brit’s crew and more group standout numbers to round out the video, which is dedicated to “the one and only” Britney Spears.
MTV has been criticized for its VMA tribute to the singer, which consisted of an introduction by Lady Gaga (as Jo Calderone) and a video-themed number performed by young dancers. While the kids were cute, it seemed like a let-down following rumors that the likes of Kesha, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj were set to participate in an unforgettable medley.

Watch the Femme Fatale Dancers’ Tribute to Britney Spears
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Lil Mama Gets Tutti Fruity in Her New ‘Scrawberry’ Video

Lil Mama

No, you are not seeing a typo. Lil Mama is back with a new video called ‘Scrawberry’ and our spell checker is going bananas right now (thanks Lil Mama!).
The pint-size female rapper looks like a Nicki Minaj mini-me as she dons colorful wigs from white to blue to pink in the video. We don’t think Mama is taking any visual shots at the Harajuku Barbie, but talk of such will be inevitable. Especially with lyrics like, “Quick like Nestlé / Something Lyte but the bass bangs heavy.”

The clip, directed by Phil Lee, features Mama and her crew dancing up a storm in a dollhouse as a little girl watches through a tiny window. Oh, and that familiar beat that you hear — it’s Special Ed’s classic 1989 joint ‘I Got It Made.’ It’s a cute video, but we don’t know if it will catch on with any rap fans.
Lil Mama is trying to make a comeback of sorts after a three-year absence from the music game. Lately, she’s been analyzing dance contestants as a judge on ‘America’s Best Dance Crew.’ We wish her the best on her future endeavors.
Watch the Lil Mama ‘Scrawberry’ Video
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Rick Ross and Kreayshawn Verbally Spar at the VMAs

Rick Ross Kreayshawn

While everything went smooth onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, backstage was a whole another story. Rapper Rick Ross went toe-to-toe with pint-sized rap newbie Kreayshawn and things got a little uncomfortable.
Rozay (and his entourage) had a few things to say to the ‘Gucci Gucci’ rapper for dissing him in a freestyle, then apologizing, then insulting him about his weight in a video posted on Ustream last week. The two parties collided backstage Sunday at the VMAs and started a verbal shouting match — luckily, no fists were thrown.

In the mix of it all, Kreayshawn is standing behind her manager Stretch as he defended his client against Ross’ taunts and his hulking bodyguard. “Oh my god — VMA wildness,” the female rapper said during the fracas. “Nobody likes Kreayshawn, but it’s OK. We all have fun. We all have fun out here. Things are getting a little too serious, though. We had some jokes.” Uh, judging by the video, no one was laughing, especially Ross.
Incredibly, in an interview with Billboard, Kreayshawn chalked up their verbal sparring match as gang violence. “Yeah I don’t know, man. It’s just gang violence,” she says. “All that gang stuff I’m not a part of that.”
Really, Kreayshawn? Is that your explanation behind the rumble backstage at the VMAs? We don’t want to say anymore about this incident because we have to remain objective here. But for future reference Kray-Kray, please stick to rapping and not starting beefs.
Watch Rick Ross and Kreayshawn’s Fight at the VMAs

Watch Kreayshawn Talking About Her Tiff With Rick Ross’ Camp
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Chord Overstreet Hits the Studio to Record His First Album

Chord Overstreet

There is life after ‘Glee.’ Actor Chord Overstreet — who was bounced from the hit show and won’t be back for the third season kicking off next month — isn’t letting any post-’Glee’ grass grow under his feet. The singer, 22, has moved on and is working on his debut album!
TVLine chatted with the tow-headed star, who said that he was “bummed initially” about not being signed on as a series regular during his stint on what is only the biggest show on prime time. Despite this, he was positive about life on and after ‘Glee,’ saying, “I had the best time working on the show and I had one of the best life experiences. It was a blast. But I decided to look at it as an opportunity to dive into my music.”
Overstreet actually declined producers’ offers to appear on the show this season “for a few episodes” so that he could instead focus on the task at hand, which is his album. Since there was no guarantee of extended ‘Glee’ glory, Overstreet moved on. He revealed, “I’ve been writing music my entire life and I had an opportunity to work on a record. It’s something I have a huge passion for. I did a lot of thinking and I felt like it was a good time to work on my album and focus on that avenue of my career.” He said that his album has been his priority for the past two months. A release date has not been determined.
There is no bitterness about leaving ‘Glee,’ either. He said that he doesn’t think he can ever stop watching the series even though he’s no longer starring on it.
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Nicki Minaj and J. Cole Are Overjoyed That Beyonce Is Pregnant

Nicki Minaj J. Cole

Kelly Rowland isn’t the only person who is excited for Beyonce‘s big pregnancy announcement! The Boombox caught up with Nicki Minaj and J. Cole after the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and got their thoughts on Bey and Jay-Z‘s baby news.
In her lovable outrageous fashion, Nicki Minaj called first dibs on the godmother role. “My baby Beyonce! I will be the godmother,” Minaj told The Boombox with a grin. Minaj is friends with the couple, and although we’re sure that she will get an invite to the Christening, we’re not sure if she is godmother material. After all, the fairy godmother character in her ‘Moment 4 Life’ video would certainly scare a small child (see here).
Rapper J. Cole, who is signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, was also excited for the couple. “[It's] incredible,” he told The Boombox. “I feel like the whole world feels like we having a baby. How wild is that? You can’t help but smile, it’s incredible. It’s crazy. The way they told the world was so gangsta and it’s so not even their style, which made it even better. They’re so not flashy with their news but I feel like it’s cool that they shared that with the world. They knew that it was important news for the world, to us, the fans.”
J. Cole also said that Jay and Bey will probably name their baby ‘Brooklyn Carter’ if it’s a girl. It’s a fair assumption too, since Jay-Z himself rapped that ‘Brooklyn’ is the name he would give to his daughter on his 2007 track ‘Hello Brooklyn.’
Congrats again to Beyonce and Jay-Z on their first baby! That will be one gorgeous and talented child!
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Janet Jackson Will Not Perform at Michael Jackson Tribute Show

Janet Jackson Not Performing at Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Janet Jackson has confirmed that she will not be performing at the planned tribute concert for her brother, Michael Jackson, but with good reason.
The show, scheduled for Oct.8 at Cardiff’s Millennium stadium, coincides with the trial of MJ’s doctor, which begins on Sept. 27. Dr. Conrad Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter for administering a lethal dose of medication to the late singer.
“Because of the trial, the timing of this tribute to our brother would be too difficult for me,” Janet said in a statement. The singer was never announced as a performer at the upcoming event.
The concert will be headlined by Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Smokey Robinson, and will reportedly feature a viral performance by Beyonce. However, the event has ultimately divided the family and stirred up controversy.
Michael’s mother, Katherine, and his sister, LaToya,  have supported plans for the Michael Forever Tribute show, but brothers Randy and Jermaine are not aligned with its organization and timing. Fans have also voiced their opposition of the concert, given the pending trial.
Murray has pleaded not guilty to the charge of involuntary manslaughter, and faces a four year prison term if convicted. The trial is expected to last four to six weeks.
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Katy Perry Proves She Is No Dancer at the 2011 MTV VMAs

Katy Perry

Surprisingly, Katy Perry‘s wardrobe wasn’t the worst part of her appearance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. The ‘Last Friday Night’ songstress may feel like a queen when she’s drunkenly dancing “on tabletops,” but she will probably get knocked off that high horse after seeing footage of her own dance moves during Beyonce’s ‘Love on Top’ performance.

Did you ever hear the phrase “dance like no one is watching”? Well, Katy Perry did just that and quickly established that impressive choreography is not her forte. During Bey’s feel-good, doo-wop twinged performance, Perry was captured on tape as she swayed back and forth in an awkward two step and hand clap. She looked like she would blend in perfectly at your mom’s 30th high school reunion.
Even though she was dancing like an awkward robot, we have to give Perry some credit — that block of cheese on her head really hindered her chances of executing any cool dance steps. Also, she did admit to being “jealous” (via Mirror) of Beyonce’s pregnancy, so maybe her mom-inspired moves were really just a hint to her hubby Russell Brand. Perry, 26, also said that Beyonce’s pregnancy news “warms the cockles of my heart.”
The ‘California Gurl’ may not have the best dance skills, but lucky for her it’s her vocal chops and kooky, fun-loving personality that attracts people to the singer. We still love you, Katy!
Watch Katy Perry Dancing During Beyonce’s ‘Love on Top’ Performance at the 2011 VMAs
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James Durbin Hopes to Release Debut Album This November

James Durbin

James Durbin – an early-on favorite to win Season 10 of ‘American Idol,’ but we all know how that went — is planning to release his debut album this November. The singer, currently on tour as part of the ‘American Idols Live!’ trek, is pumped about that very notion. But, really, would you expect anything less from the hyper, high-pitched, heavy metal lovin’ vocalist?
“I’m super pumped,” the Durbs told Wet Paint Entertainment. “I’m listening to songs. I’m doing co-writes with bands that I love. My favorite band in the entire world is a band called Hardcore Superstar and they’re from Sweden. I’m having a conference call with them next week and they’re going to be writing two songs for me, so I’m freaking out.”
See, winning ‘Idol’ isn’t the be-all, end-all for contestants! The favorites and runners up always reap rewards by virtue of being on the show!
While Durbin is living the dream and dreaming the life, stardom is not without its drawbacks, namely the fact that he is away from his family for a large chunk of time. As a young father, that distance and separation is draining for the emotional Durbin. “I got to see them around show six, seven and eight, and we’re on show 32, so I have not seen them other than Skype and calling,” he said about his family. “And that’s heavy.”
Heavier than the metal music that Durbin brought to the ‘Idol’ stage last season is Durbin’s work ethic and building a better life for his family through his career. At least he is able to communicate with them regularly thanks to the wonders of technology. We’re psyched to hear Durbin’s album when it comes out, too.
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Preview Kim Kardashian’s Sexy New Video for ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may have just gotten married, but that doesn’t mean she still can’t be the object of desire for many of her male (and probably lots of female) fans. The reality television star is now attempting to launch a singing career, and Kardashian has leaked a steamy tidbit of her upcoming video for her track ‘Jam.’
In the clip, Kardashian is shown covered in grease that is supposed to look like sweat as she crawls on all-fours towards a fan. She appears to be in an air vent, but we have no further explanation as to how she got up there. A gratuitous booty shot of Kim in a pair of leather pink hot pants flashes across the screen as the newlywed shrilly sings into the camera. She also appears to be channeling her inner Lil Kim in a close up shot, as she looks like a spitting image of the rapper circa the ’90s in a red and black wig and bright red lipstick.

All in all, this video appears to be playing off of pure sex. The cheesy pink-lettered introduction looks like it is straight out of a bad ’70s porno flick, and covering Kardashian in baby oil and making her roll around on the ground doesn’t seem like the most creative idea for a music video. Hopefully, she can redeem herself a bit when the actual video drops.
Watch the Preview for Kim Kardashian’s ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’ Video
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Lanvin Paris 2011 Commercial – What’s the Song?


Lanvin Paris borrows Pitbull‘s ‘I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)’ for a stylish commercial as part of its Fall-Winter 2011-12 ad campaign promoting its latest fashion collection.
The commercial combines sophistication with comedy, as rotating male and female pairs of dancers do their best to dance to the up-tempo song. At times, the dancers look like they’re feeling the music, and at other times they seem pretty awkward, but it’s all entertaining to watch.
The actors change outfits frequently, showing off the latest styles for the new season. The end credits give props to Steven Meisel for photography and House and Holme for creative direction.

‘I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)’ is a song from 2009 that many viewers will probably recognize. It was Pitbull’s first Top 10 hit, reaching No. 2 just two years ago as the first single from his ‘Rebelution’ album. The rapper has gone on to bigger and better things, like performing at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Watch the Lanvin Paris 2011 Commercial
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Beyonce Baby News Breaks Twitter Record


Beyonce‘s baby news was a big deal in the digital space. In fact, it was record-breaking news. The Telegraph reports that a record 8,868 tweets per second were sent after the singer debuted her bulging belly at the 2011 VMAs on Sunday night. The record was previously was set during the women’s World Cup earlier this year when Japan battled America. At that time, 7,196 tweets were sent per second!
Women’s soccer? Pft. That’s got nothing on the fact that Beyonce is going to be a mommy!
While it seems that the much of the free world was posting tweets about the bun in Bey’s oven, the signer herself has yet to issue a single tweet about the matter via her @beyonce handle. Since her big reveal, she has not utilized her personal Twitter account to discuss being preggers.
At this point, it’s like why bother? Everyone else is already talking for her. She can use her hands to pat that beautiful belly as opposed to using her thumbs to tweet messages to the fans!
Beyonce is reportedly around four months along. This is her first pregnancy.
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T.I. Will Not Be Released From Prison This Week


Contrary to reports, T.I. will not see an early release from Forrest City Federal Prison in Arkansas after serving an 11-month sentence for violating his probation. According to the Atlanta rapper’s lawyer, Johnathan Leonard, that information is simply untrue.
Speaking with XXL, Leonard said T.I. will be release from prison on Sept. 29 as schedule, although, the date may change within the next 30 days. Furthermore, he says the Bureau of Prisons doesn’t release information of prisoners being released until the very last minute.
“The Bureau of Prisons makes all the decisions once [someone goes] into the federal system then the federal prisons is the governing body as to when he’s released, the judge has no control over it,” he explains. “And you don’t have any real contact with them, they don’t communicate with you and they don’t tell you when exactly he’s gonna be released.”
Leonard did speak with T.I. on Monday and he’s fine and well. “He’s doing great,” he says. “He’s certainly looking forward to getting this behind him.”
As we previously reported, T.I. posted his final letter to his fans as he awaits his release from prison next month. In his message, Tip vowed to return stronger than ever as he plans to renew his rap career that has seriously been derailed by his jail sentence since November. “When I touch down, I’m going all the way back to square one, like I’m fresh in the game and never sold a record,” he writes.
We will be waiting for you T.I. and keep your spirits up. See you when you get home.
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Coldplay to Perform at ‘Live on Letterman’


On Sept. 20, world renowned British rock group Coldplay will perform at ‘Live on Letterman’ at 8PM EST. Although ‘Live on Letterman’ is filmed in New York, Coldplay fans will be able to experience the live performance through a webcast of the show.
The Coldplay ‘Live on Letterman’ performance will be broadcasted on CBS Radio, where fans can either watch and listen to the show live, or catch the show on demand at a later date. If you happen to be in the New York area, ‘Live on Letterman’ is taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater, so you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Brits if you head over to that area on Sept. 20.
The ‘Live on Letterman’ broadcast will follow Coldplay’s taping of ‘Late Night With David Letterman,’ where the quartet will perform on set. The show will televise at 11:37PM EST on Sept. 20, so be sure to tune in to that as well if you’re a fan.
Coldplay will release their fifth studio album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ on Oct. 24, and the album will feature their new hit single ‘Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.’
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Justin Bieber to Punk Taylor Swift in Return Season of ‘Punk’d’


Ut oh. ‘Punk’d,’ which is this generation’s ball-breaking version of ‘Candid Camera,’ is back. MTV’s series in which celebs are pranked with hidden cameras capturing all of the embarrassing action is back in production, reports Access Hollywood.
However, actor and series creator Ashton Kutcher will not helm the show. He’s too busy tweeting and replacing Charlie Sheen in ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Instead, for the first episode of the revamped show, which was filmed on Friday in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber punk’d his friend, collaborator and girlfriend’s girlfriend Taylor Swift!
The show’s format has been changed to feature a different celebrity serving as each episode’s host as he or she devises and executes a practical joke on an unwitting target. The show went on an extended hiatus in 2007, having launched in 2003. Kutcher will remain an executive producer, but will not go in front of the camera again.
Details on how The Biebs punk’d Swift have not been revealed. Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out. A relaunch date of the show has not been confirmed, either.
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‘American Idol’ Star Jason Castro Welcomes Baby Girl

Jason Castro

Dreams really do come true for American Idols — except not always in the way you might expect. We reported back in April that ‘American Idol‘ Season 7 alum Jason Castro and his wife Mandy were expecting a girl, and the little bundle of joy was born this past Sunday!
According to People Magazine, they named her Madeline Emilia Castro. Jason posted a picture of Madeline on his website, and both he and his wife tweeted their daughter’s first pictures.
On Sunday morning, Jason tweeted: “My wife woke up at 5:30 this morning with contractions… came to the birth center and they sent us home! we werent quite ready.. until now!” A little later he posted “Excited to meet my baby girl today!” Both mother and father seem very excited at the birth of their first child.
Castro released his most recent album ‘Who I Am’ in November 2010. Season 11 Auditions for ‘American Idol’ are happening now all across the country.  They will be holding auditions in East Rutherford, N.J. Sept. 22. According to Wet Paint, the premiere date is set now for Jan. 22, 2012, fittingly in the time slot following the NFC Championship Game on Fox.
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2011 MTV VMAs Named Most-Viewed Broadcast in Network’s History

Kanye West Katy Perry

Sunday night’s Video Music Awards telecast was the highest-rated broadcast in MTV’s 30-year history, pulling in 12.4 million viewers, according to Bloomberg.
That’s a 9 percent increase over last year. The awards were preceded by an episode of the network’s biggest current hit, ‘Jersey Shore,’ which may have helped its ratings. Even the pre-show was a big success, with 7.3 million viewers, an increase of 16 percent over 2010.
“Every one of the artists delivered beyond our expectations,” said MTV president Stephen Friedman. “What we saw was each artist raise the bar.”
The 2011 VMAs seemed to have something for everyone, with Lady Gaga‘s theatrical performance in drag featuring Queen guitarist Brian May, a sincere Amy Winehouse tribute from Bruno Mars, classy vocal performances by Beyonce and Adele, a recognition of Britney Spears‘ body of work, and hip-hop excitement from Lil Wayne and Jay-Z with Kanye West.
MTV also reported that visitors to their website were up over last year, and that 3 million VMA-related tweets were posted during the show, 1 million more than in 2010.
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Jay-Z Showers a Pregnant Beyonce With Affection at 2011 VMAs


The 2011 VMAs became a big night for Beyonce. The singer, who is about four months into her pregnancy, debuted her baby bump, confirming that she is with child for the first time. She also performed live, as did her husband and baby daddy Jay-Z, who took the stage with his ‘Watch the Throne’ partner Kanye West. Accordingly to US Weekly, the rapper showered his wife with affection at the event.
The duo had adjacent dressing rooms, with a witness telling the tab that “Jay was doting on her the whole time.” What a good husband he is! The same backstage source said that the rapper let out a cat-call for his wife of three years. The source revealed that Jay-Z “yelled, ‘Mmm hmmm. Who’s that sexy lady walking down here?’” and that Jay was “playing like he was flirting with her. It was so cute.”
The source also said that the mogul, born Shawn Carter, was super attentive to his wife, especially now that she is in a delicate condition. “He was really taking care of her, asking her how she feels and helping her walk. It was so sweet to see him like that,” the source said. Can we get a chorus of “Awwwwwws?”
Jay-Z wasn’t the only one doting on the mom-to-be. Her own mother Tina Knowles was also on site, micromanaging details. The source said that Tina “was on top of EVERYTHING — getting Beyonce everything she needed. Between Jay and her mom, she was totally taken care of. Her mom was getting her everything she needed.”
It’s good to be a pregnant diva, ain’t it?
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Game Publishes ‘The Making of Game’s ‘The R.E.D. Album” Digital Book


Rapper Game can now add author to his résumé, as he recently published a digital-only book which documents the recording process of his new LP ‘The R.E.D. Album.’
The Compton, Calif., rhyme-slinger’s e-book ‘The Making of Game’s ‘The R.E.D. Album” is available now for purchase at and for $4.99. A digital version for the iTunes store and a paperback edition is in the works.
The book, which is co-authored by veteran music journalist Soren Baker, is Game’s personal tell-all of creating songs with Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Drake and others for his fourth LP ‘The R.E.D. Album.’ This is Game’s first book and the newest project from Baker, who previously written tomes about Jay-Z and Tech N9ne.
Meanwhile, more good news for Game — the Los Angeles police will not pursue criminal charges against the rapper for an alleged assault on a man that took place outside of a Los Angeles club last week. Apparently, LAPD spoke with both men about the incident and decided not to arrest Game. However, the victim can make a citizen’s arrest for a misdemeanor crime not witnessed by an officer. For some reason, we don’t think that’s going to happen.
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Taylor Swift and Hot Chelle Rae Perform ‘Tonight Tonight’ Live in LA

Taylor Swift Hot Chelle Rae

Ahhh … and the Taylor Swift collaborative covers continue. In addition to bringing out Ellen Degeneres and Nicki Minaj at her Los Angeles show on over the weekend, Swift also had the guys from Hot Chelle Rae join her for a duet on their feel-good hit ‘Tonight Tonight.’
Standing atop the enchanted, golden staircase we have seen her on throughout her Speak Now tour, Swift began singing the beginning of ‘Tonight Tonight’ before introducing the guys from Hot Chelle Rae. The all-guy group was greeted with shrieks from the crowd as they began to sing along with Swift. On the second verse, singer RK Follese grabbed Swift’s arm — which she has been writing song lyrics upon throughout her North American tour — during the line “I woke up with a strange tattoo” as Swift cutely shrugged it off.
Sheesh! Do you have any more celeb friends you are hiding from us, Taylor? If this girl had a Rolodex (which we’re sure she doesn’t), it would be overflowing with high-profile numbers.
We’re also confident that Swift slays at karaoke outings, since it seems like she has memorized about 100 songs from different artists throughout her trek across the US and Canada. At past shows, Swift has performed songs from the Beach Boys and Gwen Stefani, Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself,’ Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer,’ Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby,’ plus many more.
Watch Taylor Swift and Hot Chelle Rae Perform ‘Tonight Tonight’
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Sarah McLachlan to Perform at Flight 93 Memorial Dedication

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan has earned the honor of performing at the dedication ceremony for the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Penn., the National Park Foundation said today in a press release.
The Grammy-winning singer will perform on September 10, one day before the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks. The dedication is open to the public, and additional speakers and performers will be announced soon.
“We are honored to have Sarah McLachlan perform at the dedication of the Flight 93 National Memorial,” said Neil Mulholland, president and CEO of the National Park Foundation. “Her music will complement the commemoration ceremony as we memorialize the passengers and crew of Flight 93 and all of the heroes of September 11.”
The memorial is near the site where United Airlines Flight 93 went down, killing 40 passengers and crew members after several people attempted to stop terrorists who took control of the plane.
McLachlan’s emotional ballad ‘Angel’ would seem to be a likely choice to play at such a somber ceremony. She has won three Grammys, for her hits ‘Building a Mystery’ and ‘I Will Remember You.’
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Vodacom Miss Sports Lady 2011, Loveness Flavian akiwa amepozi kwa picha baada ya kushinda taji hilo na kuwa mrembo wa tatu kati ya warembo 15 watakao tinga katika Nusu fainali za Vodacom Miss Tanzania zinazotaraji kufanyika Septemba 10, 2011 jijini Dar es Salaam.
Vodacom Miss Top Model, Mwajabu Juma (katikati) ambaye alikuwa mrembo wa kwanza kuingia hatua ya Nusu Fainali ya Vodacom Miss Tanzania 2011 akiwa na mrembo wa pili kuingia katika hatua hiyo ya 15 bora Vodacom Miss Photogenic Tracy Mabula (kushoto) wakipozi kwa picha na mwenzao wa tatu kutinga katika hatua hiyo baada ya kutwaa taji la Vodacom Miss Sports Lady Loveness Flavian usiku wa kuamkia jana katika Jumba la Vodacom Dar es Salaam yalipotangazwa matokeo hayo.
Warembo waliofanikiwa kuingia hatua ya tano bora ya Vodacom Miss Sports Lady wakiwa katika picha ya pamoja kabla ya kutangzwa mshindi usiku wa kuamkia jana. Kutoka kushoto ni Rose Hurbert, Husna Maulid, Loveness Flavian, Salha Izrael na Delillah Ghalib. Mchujo waa warembo hawa ulifanyika katika siku ya michezo ya Vodacom Miss Tanzania wiki iliyopita.
Vodacom Miss Sports Lady, Loveness Flavian akipongezwa na warembo wenzake wa Vodacom Miss Tanzania waliofanikiwa kuingia tano bora ya kuwania taji hilo la michezo baada ya mwenzao huyo kutajwa kuwa ndiye mshindi na anakuwa mtrembo wa tatu kuingia katika hatua ya Nusu fainali za Vodacom Miss Tanzania mwaka huu. Mchujo wa warembo hawa ulifanyika katika siku ya michezo ya Vodacom Miss Tanzania wiki iliyopita.
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Miss Universe Tanzania 2011, Nelly Kamwelu, plays in the Miss Universe Contestants soccer game at Pacaembu Stadium in São Paulo, Brazil on August 29, 2011. She will spend the next 2 weeks appearing at events and preparing to compete in the 2011 MISS UNIVERSE® Competition on September 12 at 9 p.m. ET broadcast LIVE on NBC from Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil.

Former Brazilian National Team member Cafu poses for a photo with Front Row: Miss Universe Tanzania 2011, Nelly Kamwelu; Miss Universe Ukraine 2011, Olesia Stefanko; Miss Universe New Zealand 2011, Priyani 
Puketapu; Miss Universe St. Lucia 2011, Joy-Ann Biscette; Miss Universe Turks & Caicos 2011, Easher Parker; Last Row: Miss Universe Mexico 2011, Karin Ontiveros; Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry; Miss Universe Ireland 2011, Aoife Hannon; Miss Universe Korea 2011, Sora Chong; Miss Universe Poland 2011, Rozalia Mancewicz; and Miss Universe Germany 2011, Valeria Bystritskaia; before the Miss Universe Contestants soccer game at Pacaembu Stadium in São Paulo, Brazil on August 29, 2011. 

They will spend the next 2 weeks appearing at events and preparing to compete in the 2011 MISS UNIVERSE® 
Competition on September 12 at 9 p.m. ET broadcast LIVE on NBC from  Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil. 

Vote your favorite contestant into the semifinals on Universe Organization, L.P. LLLP
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  This is a special dedication to my family and my class mates of The collage of Informatics-University of Dodoma..I know you are busy getting prepared for the coming University examination.Dont panic guys!!!!!!
      Special thanks to my family.I miss you mum!

Eeh ieee, ooh uuh ooh
Kifungo huru ooh aaah, eeeeh

Verse 1:
Nimejikuta moyo wangu umependa,
nimetingishwa ka kibuyu cha mganga,
kama kupendapenda ni ujinga,
basi mimi sihitaji shule kabisaaaa,
muda mwingine najitoa kiakili,
ninawaeleza nyumbani nishapata mwenza,
najipa imani, ipo, siku, sumu yako itageuka asaliii,

nimechagua jela ya mapeenzi kwasababu, kwasababu
kwasababu ndipo ilipo furaha yangu,furaha yaaangu
namaumivu unayonipa wala sihesabu,
kwasababu we upo moyoni mwanguuuu x2

Kifungo huru sikatai, na maumivu unayonipa sitakuaga bye bye,
unaposema C-sir i hate u, mi naskia umesema C-sir i love u,
Kifungo huru sikatai, na maumivu unayonipa sitakuaga bye bye,
unaposema C-sir i hate u, mi naskia umesema C-sir i love u,

heieee eh eh eh eh aah, hooouu oh oh oh oh aaah
heieee ma ma ma ma ma, kweli hiki ni kifungo huru

Verse 2:
Madini ni mengi mama, lakini dhahabu ni wewe pekeee,
nyota nazo ni nyingi angani, lakini mbalamwezi ni wewe pekee,

kama wengine ni burger nawe ni tembele,
chaguo langu ni tembele ma baby boo,
kama wengine miamvuli nawewe ni mvua,
chaguo langu ni kulowa tepe tepe,

kama wengine ni burger nawe ni tembele,
chaguo langu ni tembele ma baby boo,
kama wengine miamvuli nawewe ni mvua,
chaguo langu ni kulowa tepe tepe,

nimechagua jela ya mapeenzi kwasababu, kwasababu
kwasababu ndipo ilipo furaha yangu,furaha yaaangu
namaumivu unayonipa wala sihesabu,
kwasababu we upo moyoni mwanguuuu x2

Kifungo huru sikatai, na maumivu unayonipa sitakuaga bye bye,
unaposema C-sir i hate u, mi naskia umesema C-sir i love u,
Kifungo huru sikatai, na maumivu unayonipa sitakuaga bye bye,
unaposema C-sir i hate u, mi naskia umesema C-sir i love u,

Wewe mami wewe, ah ah ah ah ah aaah
ooh oohh mama, kweli hiki ni kifungo huru

Verse 3:
Kama ng'ombe anavumilia mijeledi lakini hachoki kutoa maziwa,
ndivyo moyo wangu unapata raha,
unapata raha kwenye hii jela ya mapenzi,

Kama ng'ombe anavumilia mijeledi lakini hachoki kutoa maziwa,
ndivyo moyo wangu unapata raha,
unapata raha kwenye hii jela ya mapenzi,

Kifungo huruu, sikatai
Kifungo huru, nimechagua
kifungo huru, kifungo huru, kifungo huruuu

Kifungo huru sikatai, na maumivu unayonipa sitakuaga bye bye,
unaposema C-sir i hate u, mi naskia umesema C-sir i love u,
Kifungo huru sikatai, na maumivu unayonipa sitakuaga bye bye,
unaposema C-sir i hate u, mi naskia umesema C-sir i love u,

Aaaah, heeii, aaah aahh
C-sir, C-sir Madini Tetemeshaaaa

lyrics composed by: C-SIR MADINI, KID BWOY & JOSEFLY
arranged by: C-SIR MADINI & KID BWOY
Produced by: KID BWOY
Mixed by: KID BWOY

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Hi MPEKUZI fans!.Today i have decided to offer you a very hot audio from the winner of Serengeti Fiesta Freestyle,Raymond Shaaban.Take a listen of the song below and post your comment

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Ever wonder how Great  Joe Makin is ? Well, The guy  is surprising fans by  offering up his remix  freestyle.Take a listen and see what you think. It doesn’t sound like The "JOE MAKIN " that we know and love.

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Check the official video of  Mo Racker ,the bongo fleva artist from RACKERZ GROUP,and post your comments regarding the song.How is the video?  is it  Hot?

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Mariah Carey Missed Pivotal ‘X Factor’ Shoot Thanks to Hurricane Irene

Mariah Carey

The mystery surrounding Mariah Carey‘s apparent role on the upcoming season of ‘X Factor‘ just grew even more mysterious. Reports are surfacing that Carey was unable to tape a “very important” segment for the show due to Hurricane Irene.
TMZ says that Carey was in New York and was supposed to meet Simon Cowell to tape a segment, but was unable to travel due to the hurricane. The site reports that sources claim the missed shoot has thrown the show into “utter chaos.”
Producers are evidently trying to figure out how to find a new way to get their desired footage. Earlier this month, Cowell said, “You can’t say no to Mariah. We have to find a role for her. I’m a huge fan of hers — not just as an artist, but as a person, and I love her to death.”
Carey was reportedly planning to tape a segment at the homes of the judges, who include Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger. Mariah now has twin babies to care for, so it’s likely her role would not be a full-time endeavor.
‘X Factor’ debuts next month on FOX. The winner(s) of the competition will earn a $5 million record deal and star in a Pepsi commercial after the Super Bowl.
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Demi Lovato Defends ‘Healthy’ Figure and Dismisses Haters

Demi Lovato Defends Weight Gain

After getting treatment for bulimia, Demi Lovato has been sporting a healthier figure, but some criticized the 19-year-old for her weight after appearing at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Despite their negative words, the singer is not letting the haters get the best of her.
“I’ve gained weight. Get over it,” she tweeted last night. “That’s what happens when you get out of treatment for AN EATING DISORDER.”
Lovato subsequently deleted the message, but added: “Guess what? I’m healthy and happy, and if you’re hating on my weight you obviously aren’t. : ) #UNBROKEN.”
The ‘Skyscraper’ singer wore a curve-hugging mini-dress to the VMAs where she presented the award for Best Collaboration with Chord Overstreet. After taking to Twitter to fight back against critics, actress Ashley Greene, sent Lovato a supportive message, reminding the former ‘Sonny With a Chance’ star that she’s “beautiful.”
“This is why you’re my friend,” Lovato replied to the ‘Twilight’ star. “Thank you girl.” It looks like Joe Jonas‘ exes are getting along just fine.
In October 2010, Lovato entered a treatment facility to address her physical and emotional issues. She left the center in January and has since released her chart-topping single, ‘Skyscraper,’ and recorded her third full-length album, ‘Unbroken,’ which is set to drop on Sept. 20.
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Solange Knowles Kicked Out of Club for Inflatable Banana?

Solange Knowles

While one member of the Knowles family was announcing her pregnancy in front of millions of television viewers, the other was getting tossed out of a nightclub for holding inflatable fruit … A banana to be specific.
Solange Knowles, the younger sister of mommy-to-be Beyonce, was kicked out of Club Cameo in Miami on Sunday night for carrying an inflatable banana into the establishment. Not that this isn’t weird enough, but apparently the banana was five-feet tall. After Knowles was told she could not enter, she claimed that the club employees were being racist, and according to TMZ, she became “unruly with off-duty officers” on the scene.
On Knowles’ official Twitter page, the celeb posted about the incident as it was happening, writing, “I have literally had my last leg with discriminating police! Miami police department will be notified. She then continued, “A police officer just pulled a weapon on me …. I have done NOTHING illegal, against the law, or anything of the sort.” Solange then said, “It is time to do something about it. I am a mother raising a young black child in America. Im going to die trying!”
Apparently, the weapon that Solange is referring to was a knife that the a police officer pulled out as he threatened to pop the balloon. To us, this story sounds fishy from both sides. Goofy gags aren’t always welcomed in posh nightclubs, and pulling a knife about an inflatable banana is pretty intense. Whatever the case really is, we hope both parties resolve this conflict.
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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Romance Each Other at the 2011 VMAs


While the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards turned out to be Katy Perry‘s night, she still treated the big event like a public date night with husband Russell Brand. After all, the pink-haired ‘Firework’ singer did need some help carrying her two Moonmen statues home, right?
Perry, 26, married Brand, 36, just under a year ago and the newlyweds AKA Hollywood power couple remain inseparable. Us Weekly reports that “Russell and Katy were by each other’s side all night,” with a source confirming that the lovey dovey couple “had their arms linked and their hands intertwined. They seemed really happy and were just smiling and beaming at each other.”
The Brands’ PDAs extended beyond the clasping of hands and arms. “They were whispering in each other’s ears and giggling — it looked like they had private jokes to share,” the source also said. This doesn’t seem like any sort of “revelation,” as Perry and Brand are young, happy and madly in love enough to be married!
However, Brand did beam with pride when his bride notched her first award. The source said the comedian looked “genuinely touched, almost tearful,” while Perry was just as proud of her man when he took the stage to deliver an impassioned speech about his late friend Amy Winehouse before the musical tribute to the singer.
Perry even addressed how Brand handled the tribute, telling the press that “not only was he providing the beautiful color palette that Amy was, but also providing a realistic point of view and giving hope to anybody out there that felt like they needed hope.”
Perry paid her hubby another compliment, saying, “I thought it was really well-rounded and smart, and that’s why I married him. He is smart and I learn a lot.”
Aw, you guys! So in love, so fashionable and so famous.
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Kelly Rowland On Beyonce’s Baby News: ‘She Will Be an Incredible Mother!’

Kelly Rowland Beyonce

Beyoncé‘s announcement that she is preggers and her fantastic belly-touting performance was certainly among the many highlights at the MTV Video Music Awards. The news of the R&B diva’s pregnancy shocked everyone at the awards ceremony except for one person, fellow Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. The ‘Motivation’ singer knew for awhile that Bey-Bey was expecting her first baby with hubby Jay-Z and she couldn’t be more happy for her.
“I think she’ll be an incredible mother,” K. Row told E! Online. “She’s always been motherly. I think that takes after so many traits from her mother [Tina Knowles]. I just think it’s going to be so natural for her. It’s natural for her now. I can’t believe this to this day.” We are still in shock and awe by the news, too. We also have to say that Rowland is a true friend for keeping a secret like this for so long without babbling to the tabloids.
Beyoncé didn’t take home any awards last night at the VMAs, but she certainly was glowing more than any of those trophies. Congrats to the soon-to-be-parents on their bundle of joy!
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Justin Bieber Delivers Lower Register in Drake’s ‘Trust Issues’


Ever wonder how low Justin Bieber can go? Well, The Biebs is surprising fans by lowering his voice and offering up his remix/take on Drake‘s hit ‘Trust Issues.’ He posted this hot track on his Facebook page. The Biebs is known for his boyish, sometimes androgynous and upper register vocal style, so this is a bit of a radical departure for the ‘Baby’ singer. ‘Trust Issues’ is the single from Drake’s forthcoming album, ‘Take Care,’ due out in October, and it has possibly gotten a re-do by The Biebs.

Since The Biebs does not hide his love for hip-hop, it’s not much of a stretch for him to go down this road at all. He’s all down and dirty here, but it’s not the first time he has done so. He sang on Chris Brown’s mixtape earlier this summer and has been engaging in some bratty behavior to help shed a little of that wholesome and clean-cut image; this cover would be a non-dangerous way of evoking that.
Take a listen and see what you think. It doesn’t sound like The Biebs that we know and love. But that’s probably due to the fact that he has a host of studio tools and tricks readily available to him and at his disposable to transform his voice into something entirely new, even if only for a cool, viral remix.
With a Christmas album on the way, maybe this remix is an indication of how low The Biebs will go when he tackles holiday carols. Since his VMAs acceptance speech was laced with references to Jesus and God, we’re expecting a lot of spiritual songs to appear on the track listing.

Listen to Justin Bieber Cover Drake’s Trust Issues
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Lauren Alaina Accepts Marriage Proposal

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It’s Nicki Minaj and Rihanna vs. the Armageddon in Brand New ‘Fly’ Video

Rihanna Nicki Minaj

Fresh off the VMA carpet, where she won for Best Hip Hop Video, Nicki Minaj dropped her brand-new video for ‘Fly,’ which also features fiery-haired songstress Rihanna. The clip, which was previewed on the black carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, marks Minaj’s fifth video off of her ‘Pink Friday’ album.
Unlike the bright, vivacious video for ‘Super Bass,’ Minaj has transported viewers to a post-apocalyptic world in ‘Fly.’ Pulling up in a black sports car, Minaj steps out in a world of rubble, ruin, ash and smoke as Rihanna begins to sing the chorus of the song. Minaj wears a ‘Mad Max’-inspired pink leather dress, equipped with wires and spikes as if she has been battling her way through the desert as a nomadic warrior. Her partner in crime, Rihanna, shows up shortly after, wearing her red hair pin-straight as she and Minaj strut around the abandoned town.

Throughout the clip, it seems as if the most interesting part are the ladies’ outfit choices. The whole “the world has been destroyed and we are the only people left” theme is a bit humdrum nowadays, but Minaj and RiRi keep us captivated with their interesting wardrobes. In one part, the Harajuku Barbie dons a leopard-printed wig and battles a band of ninjas while wearing a rump-hugging white bodysuit and a black and white, Cruella de Vil-esque mohawk.
At the end of the clip, vines and pink flowers begin to sprout from crashed airplanes and burned up cars as the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, ending a cliche with yet another cliche. However, if you want another excuse to stare at the ever-gorgeous Rihanna wearing hip-hugging outfits and the always-eccentric Minaj duking it out with black-clad combatants, look no further!
Watch the Nicki Minaj ‘Fly’ Video Featuring Rihanna
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Britney Spears Declares ‘Criminal’ as Her Next Single

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is putting the kibosh on all of the rumors surrounding her next single off of ‘Femme Fatale.’ Even though people have talked about ‘(Drop Dead) Beautiful,’ ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Trouble for Me’ being released next, Spears herself confirmed to MTV that she is actually releasing ‘Criminal’ as her next single and video.
During the interview, a reporter asked Spears if she had “any plans for a new video [or] another single.” A smiley Spears coyly replied, “Yes … I don’t know if I’m at liberty to tell, but, um, I will anyways. It’s ‘Criminal.’” Spears then went on to explain why she chose the song as her next single, trying to find the words as she said, “Actually, when I first heard it, it’s just different … Nothing I’ve heard like this before.”
According to MuuMuse, Spears’ fans were able to take a poll on Facebook in order to vote on which song Brit should release as her next single. ‘Criminal’ won over ‘Inside Out’ and ‘(Drop Dead) Beautiful’ on the poll, and what Britney fans want, Britney fans get. We can’t wait to see what the video will look like! More dancing this time, please!

Listen to Britney Spears, ‘Criminal’

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Lady Gaga Even Brought Alter Ego Jo Calderone to the VMA Press Room

Lady Gaga Attends VMA Press Conference as Jo Calderone

Lady Gaga appeared at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards as her alter ego Jo Calderone, and while the schtick was sustained on stage throughout the evening, it looks like her alt persona made it to the VMA press room, too.
According to Entertainment Weekly, the pop star was introduced as Lady Gaga, but would only answer questions as Calderone. When asked how one persona affects the other, Gaga/Calderone said, “I don’t understand the question.”
Later, Calderone explained how he ended up at the annual awards show: “She’s just really f—ing pissed at me right now and she said, ‘F— you. If you really love me, you’ll go instead of me, and you’ll get in that spotlight.’ So I did.”
Calderone said he’s from New Jersey and his family is from Palermo, Sicily. He insisted he’s “not a singer or a model or an actor or anything,” but when someone suggested he was a guido, that’s when Calderone got loud. “No, I’m not a f—ing guido!” he said. “You don’t like Italians? What the f— is the matter with you? I’m just a guy, and I just wanted to show my girl how much I love her, that’s all.”
Gaga opened the VMAs with a long monologue as her alter ego before launching into her latest single, ‘You and I.’ She later appeared on stage as Calderone to present the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award to Britney Spears.
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Rihanna’s Sexy New Wax Statue Unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Berlin

Rihanna Wax Figure

Pop siren Rihanna is known for wearing skimpy outfits and barely-there bikinis, but take a look at her new wax statue at Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany.
Va-va-voom! The sexy figurine was unveiled today (Aug. 29) at the museum and it’s making us blush here at the office.
The statue of the Barbadian songbird features the colorful outfit she wore in David Guetta‘s video for ‘Who’s That Chick?‘ complete with garter belts, purple pantyhose and her signature fiery red hair (which she has recently switched out for a less-red look).
Honestly, this has to be the most risqué statue Madame Tussauds has ever done on a female celebrity — not that we are complaining. In comparison, Rihanna’s waxy doppelgänger at Madam Tussauds in Washington, D.C. is quite tamer than the one in Berlin. I guess the Germans are a little freer and, uh, sexist with their statues. Ha!
Nevertheless, we have to say, “Cheers” to Rihanna and her racy new statue in Berlin. After all, we kind of missed her not making an appearance at the 2011 MTV VMAs last night.
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