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Powers Of East African Witchcraft : A Lady Narrates How She Fed A Married Man With Owl’s Meat In Order To Gain Power And Control Over His Heart, Mind And Possession.

The  ancient  belief that  a  woman who  want  to  make  any man her mental slave  forever  should first feed   him with  sacred  owl’s  meat  has  been manifested  in  East  Africa.

According  to  various  media from East, Central  and  South  Africa , a lady  identified as Theoflida  has  penned  an  open   letter to  all  African  ladies warning  them  about  the  dangers  and  evil of  witchcraft  and  Witchdoctors in general.
Theoflida  was  quoted  to  say  that  she  was  a  vegetable  seller at  a  local  market somewhere   in the  City  of  Dar  Es  Salaam, Tanzania  where   she  was  renting  a one  bedroom.
Theoflida  went  on  to  state  that  near  the market she  was  selling the  vegetables, lived   a very successfully   married  man  with  her a  newly   wed wife.  “ This  man  was  a very  rich  and  successful man , having  more  than one  mansion, plots, farmlands, luxury cars  and  a  lot of many  other  valuable property . He  had  a  very decent job and was investing in very lucrative  businesses.”  Stated  Theoflida.  She  added  that more  often the said man with his  wife used  to go  and  buy   to  her some vegetables and  fruits.
In addition to that Theoflida  says that she  started  to envy  on the  man’s wife  lifestyle. She thought that  the  wife  was   so lucky  to have  that  man  as  her husband  and  therefore  she  plotted  to  over throw her  and  take  her position.
Theoflida  says  that  in order  to  achieve her evil  ambition she  had no any other option than to go  to a witchdoctor  who  could  help her to win the  said man’s  heart  by way of  witchcraft.
After  consulting with  her best  friend, she  referred her to  a  popular witchdoctor  in  East Africa, known  as  Mungu  Wa  Kabili  or  mungu  wa pili  which is  a Swahili for     The  Second  God “
Mungu  wa  Kabili,  a  witchdoctor  who is in his  30s  is  regarded as  the  most strongest and  powerful witchdoctor  in Eastern, Central and  Southern part of  Africa.
Theoflida  says  that  upon reaching at  Mungu  wa  Kabili’s shrine  and told   him  about her ambition she  was given  among other things, three  portions of  juju and required to go  back  home with instructions  that upon reaching home she  has  to  put one  portion under her pillow. The second  one  under  her bed  and  the third portion was  to be taken internally  with water.
“   Mungu  wa  Kabili  told  me  that,  I  would  see  something in my sleep  during  the  night, and  that immediately after  I wake  up  I  had  to  call him informing  about the nature of the things  that  I have  seen  in my dream “ Said Theoflida.
She  added  that  “ In my sleep I saw that  man coming to buy some vegetables in my kiosk. When he  reached at my point  he asked  for some vegetables and gave me  the money, but before  I could give  him his  change the  dream vanished  .
I did  not  waste  even a  second, I just called  Mungu  wa  Kabili  to inform him about what  I saw  in the  dream and  he  asked  me  whether  I  could physically  remember  the  exact point where  I saw  the man  walking, and  I told  him Yes. It was  obvious  because  I saw  the  man coming and  standing  near  my  kiosk.
So Mungu  wa  Kabili  told  me  that  early in the morning around 6  sharp I had  to go to the place  where  I saw that  man in my dream and put the portion of the  juju that  he  instructed  me  to put  under  my bed  and  I did  as   instructed.
Theoflida  went on to pen that at around 8  in the  morning  he  went  to  open her  kiosk  at the  market  and  at around 10  the  said  man went at her kiosk  and  buy some  vegetables  and went back his  home.
But surprisingly to her, after some two hours, that man returned  back to her kiosk and asked for some more vegetables. He then paid  her  some  money and  told her to keep  change. The  man then asked  for  her number and  they both exchanged  their  numbers.
Half an hour later  the  man started  texting her  some romantic messages  praising her beauty and things  of a  like . At the  end of the  day  the  man seduced her and  the  day that followed  they had  sex  in a hotel.
“ When I was  in his hotel room he promised to take me to a Driving School  so that I can learn how to drive  before  he  could bought me a car. In addition to many other beautiful things  he promised to rent me a descent house in a descent neighbourhood of which he  did  it immediately after we left the hotel. He  told me he did  not  want me to go and  spend  even a single  hour in a one bedroom rent  where  I used  to  stay because the place  does no longer match with me.” She said.
She  went  on to  pen that  Mungu  wa  Kabili  told her that  after having sex  with the man, she  had  to  go back to   him so that  he  can give  her some  powerful juju  to make  the man her mental slave  and  take power  over  his heart, mind  and possessions.
When she  went back to  Mungu  wa  Kabili, he  gave  her  the  juju  to make  the man her mental slave. “   Mungu  wa  Kabili  told  me  that  among the  raw  materials  used  to prepare  this  charm include  hairs of a mad man  to make  the  man fall madly in love  with her and decide  in favour of her as if he  is mad man, hairs  of  a  blind man to blind his mind, hairs  of a deaf  man to make  him turn deaf ears  against anyone  who will  tend  to question anything  about his  mad like  love  to her and  many  other  fetish stuffs.”

Theoflida  says  that  Mungu  wa Kabili  gave  her  the  juju  to  make  her man  her mental  slave. 
 In addition to  the  juju, Mungu  wa  Kabili  also  gave  me a calabash which  contained what Mungu  wa  Kabili  told me  to be  the  sacred  owls meat. He  told  me  that  this  owl meat never come from the  same  kind  of owl which  you think you know. It rather come from magical owls  which can never be seen by naked eyes...” She  said.
Mungu  wa  Kabili  told  me  that “ When you go back home  you will devide the powdered juju into two portions. The first portion you will put it in the water that your man will use to bath.And in regard to the  second portion , you will prepare some beef soup or beef roast  for your man. Inside  that  meat  you will put a very little portion  of the juju made by blind, deaf and mad man hairs. In addition to  that,  you will put in it your powdered puberty hair, your  powdered nails and  the owl’s meat contained in the  calabash. Make  sure  that  you  man eat  this  meat.  When he  eat the  meat  he  will be  finished  and  you  will have power over his heart, mind  and  possession and he shall be  your mental  slave till his last breath.”
Theoflida  says  that  she  did  as  was  instructed  by Mungu wa Kabili, and  immediately  after  the  man  bath the  water  and  consuming  the meat  he  started to  madly fall  in love with her  and  acting strangely.
At the end  of  the  day  the  man gave Theoflida  each   and   everything   that   was   under   his   possession. He started by divorcing  his wife  and went  to  live with  Theoflida  then  proceeded to bequeath  all of his property to Theoflida  and  as  a result  he became bankruptcy and went back to his village leaving back Theoflida squandering his properties with other men.
According  to  Theoflida ,Mungu  wa  Kabili  used  to give  to her  different  kinds  of  juju, such  like  juju  to deal with her enemies , juju for her protection etc .
Theoflida states  that due to the powers  of the juju given to her by Mungu  wa Kabili, she was able to cast successfully love spells and other kinds of evil spells over a good  number of men and women until when she met her waterloo when she tried to cast a love spell to young married  man who was a born again Christian.
“ Prior to this  incidence, I used to fell  like I was untouchable. The  charms given to me by  Mungu  wa  Kabili made  me  feel  like I was a  supernatural. A person  with  powers to do and undo. I thought like nothing was beyond my reach.  The powers  of  my juju could touch whoever I chose  and  however I wished “ She  says.
She  adds  that  “ Mungu  wa Kabili  warned me never to even  try to cast any kind of an evil spell  to a born again Christian. He further told me  that if   I thought like  I had to cast a spell to a born again Christian  I should first consult him.
On the fateful day I tried to send a magical snake to Erasto , a married born again Christian, in order to destroy his  spiritual shield, but what happened  to me have now  been  the  foundation of this  open letter that I am writing to you. “
I t began like this one. I had a crush over  over a young man named Erasto. He was a  married and born again Christian . His  wife  was a born again Christian too.
So I plotted  to conquer Erasto’s heart by means  of witchcraft , using  the charms given to me by Mungu wa Kabili.
However the fact that  Erasto was  a born again Christian man was a very big obstacle to my ambition. I say it was an obstacle because Mungu wa Kabili warned me never to cast any kind of evil spell over a born again Christian without his consent and approval.
Mungu  wa Kabili went on to tell me that If you get a crush over a born again Christian man,you must first  do a spiritual test over him to examine whether he is a genuine born again Christian or just an impostor.
He further told me that the kind of witchcraft that is used to examine the authenticity of  a born again Christian is not a child play and can never  be performed by anyone.
So he told me that If I  fall in love with a born again Christian man I should first go to his shrine where he will test  his spiritual authenticity and if found out that the man is a truly born again Christian , you just do the alternative but if the man turn out to be not a genuine born again Christian , you just proceed  to  cast your intended  evil spell over him just as  normal.
Mungu wa Kabili insisted  to me  that it was a very spiritually dangerous act for a person like me  to cast an evil spell over a born again Christian  without consulting  him.
So when I fall  in love with Erasto I went to consult Mungu wa Kabili  at  his  shrine.
Mungu  wa  Kabili  told me that in order for sorcerers to know whether a born again Christian is genuine or not , they normally  use  flies.
So Mungu  wa  Kabili took  a  fetish wand of which he told me that it is made by a sacred tree  know  as Mkomoro  and  that  the  said  tree has  got many uses  in witchcraft including necromancy.

Mungu  wa  Kabili started by performing incantations to summons flies. After the incantations a very big swarm of flies mysteriously appeared  near the wand that he  was  holding. He  then performing  another incantations of which he told me that  it aimed  at sending the flies to Erasto and see  whether or not  he is a genuine  born again Christian.
After the incantations  the  flies mysteriously disappeared  and  reappeared within the twinkling of an eye  but when they reach the wand they all mysteriously bursted. It shocked  me  a lot!
Mungu wa  Kabili interpreted  the  incidence  by  teling  me that the bursting of the flies is a very bad omen. It means  that  Erasto  is  a  truly  and  genuine born again Christian who enjoys full protection of God the  Almighty  and  that  I should not dare cast any kind of an evil spell to Erasto.
He then told me that he  was  travelling upcountry for a sorcerer ‘s annual festive  of which he  was  the chairmain and  that  I should  wait until after  2  weeks  when he  will be back so that we can find a suitable way to deal with Erasto.  I had no any  other option than to agree with what Mungu  wa Kabili  told me.
But three  days  later I ran out of patience so I decided  to cast a love  spell to Erasto , unbeknownst to  Mungu  wa  Kabili .
Normally if I casted any love spell over any man I must saw him making  love with me in my sleep and the day that follows, the  man must look for  me and  we  start a  romantic relationship.
But this  time around  I casted a  love spell to Erasto but  I did  not  see  anything  in my dream. I did  not  give up that easily , so I did it over and over again for  seven days  consecutively but all  was  in vain.
Before I backed  down I remembered  that  Mungu wa  Kabili  once  told  me  that  If I cast  a  love  spell over any man and the  spell  becomes  unsuccessfully then I must know  that  the  man has a powerful spiritual  shield which shield him from all negative  and  evil forces. To remedy the  situation  I should  cast over him a  black snake spell which aims  at sending a magical snake to go and sting the spiritual shield of the intended person, poison it and  destroy it.
On the fateful day when it reached  at 12  mid night   I took a black calabash given to me by Mungu  wa  Kabili. Inside the calabash there  was a magical black snake of which  I used to cast a black snake spell over a good  number of people.
So  I send a snake to go and destroy Erasto’s Spiritual shield  so that it can be easy for me to cast a successfully love  spell  over him.
After I  was  done  with the  incantations  I open the calabash for the snake to go and do the job asit was always been the case.
But surprisingly to me  when the snake came out of the calabash, instead of disappearing  and going to  Erasto it stung me and  disappeared mysteriously.
The noise  that  I made out of the pains  inflicted to me by the snake bite tempted  my house girl to come in my room and see what came over me.
After seeing my condition she  immediately went to inform my neighbours  who subsequently  took  me to hospital where nothing  medically  was  detected in their medical  examinations. I was subsequently bedded. I felt a lot of pain. Some kind of weird pain that was keep on coming and  go.
When it reached early in the morning  the  pains  were  faded but  they left me paralysed. It was   as  if my mysteriously  pains  were  exchanged  with a  stroke.
So I told my brother  to  inform Mungu  wa  Kabili  about  what  happened  to me but  Mungu wa Kabili  became  so hungry and  hostile  telling me  that he  warned  me not to do anything  but I could not listen and that there  was  nothing  he  could  do  to  rescue  me.
I had  no any other option than telling  the  truth to  my  brother. We therefore started  to  jump from one witchdoctor  to  another  but  nothing  they  could  do  to  rescue  my condition.
Two weeks  later  I was carried  to the  shrine  of  Mungu wa  Kabili  hoping  that  he would have  mercy over me  after seeing  my deteriorate  condition  but he  insisted and affirmed   that come what may, but  he would not going to   help me in any  manner  whatsoever .
I totally  gave  up  and  started  to think that my days  where  counted  in low digits.  However my brother  did  not  gave  up. He kept on carrying me from one shrine to the other  but nothing of significance was  done to  change  my condition.
One  day  a close  relative  of  mine from my maternal side came to see  how  I was  faring after learned that I was suffering from a stroke..
After  telling her  the  truth  of what really  happened to me she  felt  very sorry for me and  introduced  me  to  the  church where  she  was  worshiping.
Three  days  after they started praying and do some deliverance  for me, I vomited  a lot of fetish and  filthy stuffs such as nails, hairs, amulets etc.
After  the  vomit my condition started to improve gradually and  after sometime I became completely healed.
I thank God , now I  am a born again Christian. I have accept Jesus  Christ as  the Lord and the Savior of my life.
I feel very sorry for  all the  women and men that  I have  caused  a lot of pain and suffering by using the juju that were  given to me by Mungu  wa  Kabili.
Now I have decided to worship and serve the true  God, Jehova  in the days  of my life. I once again extend my apology  to all the women to whom  I have caused a lot of unnecessary  pain and  trouble  in their lives.
Theoflida close her chapter by warning all  African ladies  about evils of witchcraft and witchdoctors urging them to keep themselves  away from witchcraft and witchdoctors, more especially  Mungu wa  Kabili. She  state :

As a  Nigerian writer , I was very much shocked  to learn that even in East Africa. There  are witchdoctors who are as powerful as Mungu  wa  Kabili.
Prior to this ,  I had  a very strong notion and  belief that , all the strongest and powerful witchdoctors in Africa must be coming from Western part of Africa, more  especially  Nigeria, Ghana,Senegal, Guinea Conakry and Burkinafaso  only to realize  that I was deceiving myself.
So   I decided  to look for  Mungu  wa  Kabili in order to conduct an interview with him. It  was  not an easy task but  finally  I was  able to reach Mungu  wa  Kabili  through his mobile phone  +255 744  000 473.
I send the questions to Mungu  wa  Kabili via his  email address : munguwakabili@gmail.com  and he answered  me accordingly. The  following  is  the part of  the interview conducted  between  me  and  Mungu  wa  Kabili.
QUESTION :   People refers  to  you  as     Mungu  wa  Kabili “, right ? But from what  I have  read  the name  “ Mungu  wa  Kabili “  is literally  translated  to  mean  “ The  Second God “. Your name is deemed  by so many people  to be so blasphemous. What  do  you have  to say about  this ?

Mungu   Wa  Kabili  :   There  is  a spark of God  in every creature. God is  glorifying  himself through the individualized portions  of himself and  he is  slowly teaching these individualized portions to understand and glorify the whole.

QUESTION :  As the most strongest and powerful witchdoctor  in the East, Central and Southern part of Africa, what is your opinion on the spiritual causes  of bad luck for people ?
Mungu  Wa  Kabili  :  Bad luck happens to  people because their  souls have been buried in the darkness which has raised barriers around them through which no light can pass.

QUESTION :  What is the best spiritual remedy available for people who wish to revive, restore , improve and or lift their lucky to the highest levels ?
Mungu  Wa  Kabili : A person who want to revive, restore, improve and  or lift his luck to the highest level must  be bathed by the radiance of the Great Light.
QUESTION : In her open letter to the general public, a lady known as  Theoflida  is quoted  as saying that she was able to gain power  and control over the heart, mind and possessions of a married man, simply by feeding  him with a blend of some fetish juju and some sacred owl’s meat that was given to her by you. My  question  is what is the rationale behind the use of animals in witchcraft ?
Mungu  Wa  Kabili :  You  know, there are group spirits  who control the destinies of the animal kingdom. This is because animals do not have self conscious mind . As a result instead of thinking with their own brain , animals do think with the brain of the group spirits to  whom they are attached with invisible magnetic cords and electric threads.
These cords convey their  impressions and photograph them upon animal’s nervous system.
Animals  are  nothing but  visible bodies that are symbols of invisible bodies. Every insect, bird ,fish, reptile or animal manifests some aspect of the intelligence and power of an invisible spirit.
Visible actions of animals demonstrate invisible principles, intelligence and powers of invisible spirits.
Forms and habits of animals represent the invisible and unseen powers of nature.
Therefore when  we use insects, birds, fishes, reptiles or animals in our rituals, we simply  communicate and cooperate with the unseen powers of the group spirits who control the destinies of  the animal kingdom in order to incorporate their powers into ourselves.
As a witchdoctor   you must have an ability to communicate with  nature and everything surrounding it which include insects, birds, fishes, reptiles and animals.
You must be able to read and interpret the spiritual meaning  concealed in every drop of water in the rivers , lakes and oceans because every visible thing in the tangible world has an invisible meaning in the spiritual world.
You must be able to understand and interpret the spiritual meaning behind  every kind  of sound from every kind of insects, birds, fishes, reptiles  and animals.
This  kind of a  special ability  will help and  assist you  in all spheres of life. It will help you to prepare your self in every kind of situation .  For  example if you are not able to interpret different sounds of an insect known as Death Watch beetle , how  will you be able to interpret its peculiar ticking sound which give warning of approaching death  ?
An ability  to  communicate  with  animals  and interpret their sounds  and  actions  must  go hand in hand with the ability to understand the symbolism of each and  every insect, bird, fish, reptile and  animal.
For example  a lot of people are ignorant about the spiritual powers of snakes. Many of you ignorantly think of snakes  as evil beings. This notion is very wrong. Snakes  are  very sacred beings.
First of all a  snake is an emblem of immortality. It is the symbol of reincarnation because it annually sheds its skin, reappearing as it were  in a new body. So for the witches and  witchdoctors who  know about this special kind of wisdom and know how to communicate the invisible  powers behind this kind of wisdom demonstrated  by snakes  may use the unseen powers of a group of spirits that dictates the habit, behavior ,form and intelligence of snakes to make different kind of juju to do perform different kind of tasks  such as In love  and relationship, marriage , businesses  etc.
Again did  you know that snakes  never die naturally except by violence ? Yes  this  is the fact and  if you did not know here  I tell you. Snakes  never die naturally except by violence and if un injured they would live forever.  Powers behind this attribute can be incorporated into humans for different purposes  such as  in love, relationships, businesses  etc.

Also snakes  are linked  with electricity . Electricity is symbolized by snake because of its motion. Electricity passing between the poles of a spark gap is serpentine in its motion. Snake is symbolic of universal force. It is emblematic of both good and evil. The head and tail of a snake represent the positive and negative poles of cosmic life circuit.
Therefore  witches and witchdoctors  with  wisdom sufficient enough  to communicate  with powers behind this visible character of snakes may in a very special way  use snakes to cause the   same positive or negative effects  as  electricity can do.
The snake is also related to the sun. The symbolic relationship between the sun and the snake is demonstrated by the fact that life remains in the snake until sunset even though it be cut into a dozen parts.
The ability to communicate  with animal and translate  their sounds  and actions is very important for  witchdoctors  because some of the insects, birds ,fishes, reptiles and animals have been created by God to act as our personal servants in different aspect of our lives.
 For  example there are some special kind of insects  who help us to locate some special kind of herbs and plants. In that regards  there  is  this special kind of  carnivorous   plant which can never be located without an assistance of a very special kind of a sacred bird.
This  mysterious plant feed on insects. It is reddish in colour. One special attribute of this plant is that it open anything it touched. It is a very  essential raw material in the preparation of ritual bathing aiming at cleansing . There  is this kind of  a  bird of which its name is hereby reserved . This bird is endowed with the faculty of discovering this sacred tree.
These   birds make a special kind of a sound when they are at this  tree. It is  this  special kind of sound which will help the witchdoctor to locate the tree.
No any person whatsoever  who can be able to communicate  and  interpret animal sounds without obtaining special powers  that may link him with the animal kingdom.  Human being and animals  are linked by parrots.
QUESTION :  How to magic and  witchcraft work  ?
Mungu  Wa  Kabili  :Witchcraft and magic work through nature. The universe is nothing but  God’s will stamped upon the face of nature. All functions of nature are reproduced in miniature in the human body.
Every star in the heavens, every element in the earth and every function in nature is represented by a corresponding center, pole or activity within the human body.
Nearly everything  which man has  surrounded himself  is  an adaptation from the body.
Functions of nature  are  under the control of spirits  which are invisible to the normal senses, but works through the kingdom of life, minerals ,plants, animals  and parts of the human body.
There  is an entire universe within the human body. The human body has its worlds, its planets and its gods and goddesses .
Millions of cells  in the human body represents millions of stars in the galaxies. These  tiny creatures  within the human body are grouped into kingdoms, nations and races and become one thing composed of many parts.
So to understand the nature is to understand human beings and to understand human beings is to have magical powers.
QUESTION :  There is  a wide spread belief that witches can control other people’s destinies. How do they do that and how  far is this belief true ?
It is very true that witches do have some powers to control other people’s destiny.  Witches  can know the destiny of any person by reading his or her blood. The life story of every person is written in his or her blood. So if witches get an access to your blood they  can read the story of your life and if interested with your story they might be tempted to take it away and exchange it with something unworthy.
About the  Author :  Donatus  Udene  is  a  freelancer  based in Onitsha, Anambra  State , Nigeria.

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